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Date Added:Friday, July 11, 2014
SubjectSt Cadocs
Message:What a majestic evening on the 9th of July at St Cadocs Church, Caerleon. The Choir and Iona Jones were all in excellent voice and an excellent programme chosen. Congratulations to all. How about a Christmas album by the way. CS

Name:Rob Davies
Date Added:Friday, June 27, 2014
SubjectLinden Lea recording.
Message:Thanks for making the choir's early recording on a 78rpm record of "Linden Lea" available to hear. It is not dated on your site. It was released in February 1953 and reviewed by W A Chislett in the Gramophone magazine:

"The Morriston Orpheus Choir give us Hatton's When Evening's Twilight and Vaughan Williams's lovely Linden Lea (Col. DB3228). A very good but not massive toned choir and nicely pointed reading, with excellent enunciation. I should give this record full marks but for the fact that the choir has been placed a little too close to the microphone and the massed intake of breath is a little disturbing occasionally."

Name:Christopher Major
Date Added:Friday, June 27, 2014
SubjectMyfanwy You Tube video
Message:Pob anrhydedd i chi gyd, Gôr Meibion Treforys, oddi wrth Sais mewn dagrau :-). Hyfryd!!

All honour to you all, Morriston Male Voice Choir, from an Englishman in tears :-). Lovely!
Chrtistopher Major

Name:Margaret Cairns
Date Added:Sunday, June 22, 2014
SubjectCheltenham Concert
Message:I was brought up in Swansea! - so I know the reputation that the Choir deservedly enjoys; but to see and hear the amazing concert in Cheltenham Town Hall was a huge highlight.
I have always sung with a Choir - at present Cheltenham Choral Society - but to sing without music, stand perfectly, watch the conductor every note, look as if you are enjoying yourself and then to change jackets for the second half - inspirational. Of course the best bit was singing the Welsh National Anthem, in Welsh, in Cheltenham Town Hall.
Congratulations to the conductor, the accompanist, the organist, and the soloist; he's got a good future.
Again therefore, every good wish for your future, come back again soon.

Name:Huw Thomas, Dursley MVC
Date Added:Sunday, June 22, 2014
SubjectCheltenham Concert 13 June 2014
Message:Another wonderful concert which we all thoroughly enjoyed. 'Steal Away' was an absolute hit - the ability to sing so quietly and beautifully was very special and of course very difficult. We were particularly interested in your 'Fields of Athenry' which is now in our repertoire. It is a lovely arrangement. Hope we all meet again soon.

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