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Name:Emyr Williams
Date Added:Thursday, June 5, 2014
SubjectMyfanwy - music video on You Tube
Message:Perfection, the best ever rendition

Name:Alistair Murray
Date Added:Friday, May 23, 2014
SubjectThe Rose, You Tube Video
Message:I had the pleasure of these fine gentlemen singing at my wedding. Outstanding. Mesmerising. Simply amazing. They lifted the roof of the church and this song in particular fitted the acoustics of the building perfectly.

Name:Bernard Pike
Date Added:Wednesday, May 21, 2014
SubjectNew Web-site
Message:Many congratulations on on the excellent new Web-site.Easy to negotiate with plenty of information.

Name:Jane Rogers
Date Added:Wednesday, April 30, 2014
SubjectAnnual Concert at St Mary's Swansea
Message:What a treat we had listening to a first-class choir, soloist Gwawr Edwards and accompanists.Joy Amman Davies certainly knows how to draw the best out of her choristers. American Trilogy and Easter Hymn were simply the best. Alice Reed, David Doidge and Leslie Ryan were all superb and often when the organ accompanied it was quite overwhelming and at times emotional.Thank you for such an amazing evening of Welsh musical performance at its very best.
Jane Rogers

Date Added:Monday, April 28, 2014
SubjectAnnual Concert 2014
Message:Through our family connection with the Orpheus, I have followed the choir for over 40 years. Like a fine wine they improve with age. The performance of the Easter Hymn and Steal Away, in particular, were well deserving of the standing ovation they received. Congratulations again to Dad (Roy Pugh) on becoming a Vice President. As a family we all know the committment and dedication Dad has shown - not forgetting the wonderful support and committment of my mother. Congratulations to all involved for a wonderful night.

Name:Michael Byard
Date Added:Monday, April 28, 2014
SubjectAnnual Concert 2014
Message:Firstly I agree fully with the contribution made by the first gentleman on the guest book but also add that for me the higlhlight was hearing my favourite piece Y Tangnefeddwyr sung in its rightful setting,this piece always brings me to tears,those of you who attended the Lichfield cathedral concent on May 6th last year may remember that although it was a very sad evening With the passing of Salvatore I requested this item which Joy kindly opened the concert with,I shall never forget that evening having spoken to Alwyn during the interval, I asked if the choir had ever recorded it,he thought not and although I have purchased every CD and tape I cannot find it on any of them so that's the next challenge a new CD named "The Peacemakers ". Thanks for a great evening of superb singing and I look forward to seeing you all again a bit more local to us in Shrewbury in September.

Kindest regards to all. Michael Byard, Kingswood Albrighton,Shropshire

Name:Ruth Lynham
Date Added:Sunday, April 27, 2014
SubjectAnnual Concert 2014
Message:What a fabulous experience once more. This was perhaps my favourite concert so far. I loved all the pieces but for me the best was Eli Jenkins' Prayer and Gwawr Edwards was definitely my favourite guest performer to date. Thank you to Joy, the boys and the accompanists for a great evening. I'm looking forward to Cheltenham.

Name:Mervyn George
Date Added:Sunday, April 27, 2014
SubjectAnnual Concert 2014
Message:To all involved in The Morriston Orpheus Choir. What a fantastic and memorable concert you gave last night (26/04/2014). Having been a chorister with my local choir Beaufort Male. Voice for over 50 years your reputation as wales best male choir goes before you. Last night you more than lived up to that accolade and in my humble opinion simply surpassed it. To listen to the many recordings I have purchased of you shows how good you are, but to experience listening to you live gives you an even bigger dimension on the pure class of sound you actually produce. To Joy Amman Davies. How do you do it? To keep such tight control of "all your boys" is incredable and you really do get the very best out of them. To Gwawr Edwards, what a performance. I'm sure she will be one of Wales best talents in the future. But to all the choristers, very well done. Your performances of songs such as Steal Away, The Easter Hymn (along with Gwawr) and An American Trilogy were so good, they deserved nothing less than the standing ovations you so duly deserved. Once again well done on a magical night of singing, and all the very best for the future.

Date Added:Thursday, April 10, 2014
Message:Delighted to see you all in Macroom last weekend. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the night. You did me proud. Return visit on the cards I hope. Hir yw pob ymaros

Name:anne and sean
Date Added:Thursday, April 10, 2014
Subjectwexford concert 05414
Message:what a great night my wife and i travelled 80 miles round trip well worth the effort look forward to hearing you again.slain

Name:deirdre murphy
Date Added:Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Subjectmacroom concert april 6th
Message:hi, thank you so much for such an amazing concert last night. it was almost spiritual, it was just so wonderful. i enjoyed watching the performances as much as listening to them. it was my first time attending such an event and it just blew me away. thank you so much for such an enjoyable and memorable night.

Name:Anita Blake-Gallagher
Date Added:Monday, April 7, 2014
SubjectMacroom Concert
Message:They say;

"Life is not measured my the number of breaths, you take.
But by the moments that take your, breath away"

(Not only did your performance take my "breath away" it also brought a "TEAR" to my eye!!!)

For this, I salute you all and thank you for taking me on a musical odyssey.

Safe home,

Anita xx

Name:Brian Gallagher
Date Added:Monday, April 7, 2014
SubjectMacroom Concert, April 6th, 2014
Message:As a member of Macroom & District Lion's Club I was privileged to be at the performance in Macroom last night. As a lover of all things musical I was awestruck by the performance. We would love to see you all back here in the future and if the word going around town today is anything to go by we will have to ration tickets for the next concert as demand will far exceed supply. Rwy'n siwr bod ar hyn o bryd i chi i gyd yn gwybod bod fy ngwraig Anita ei symud i dagrau gan y perfformiad ac yn addo i ddod √Ę Kleenex i'r cyngerdd nesaf. Rydym yn dymuno i chi i gyd y gorau ac yn edrych ymlaen at eich ymweliad nesaf. Dduw bendithia chi i gyd ac yn eich cadw'n ddiogel.

Name:Brian O'Connell
Date Added:Monday, April 7, 2014
SubjectMacroom Concert April 6th 2014
Message:Hi, What a performance last night in Macroom. A perfect setting for a perfect evening. The choir under the baton of Joy were superb as was soloist Iona Jones. Congrats to the Macroom and District Lions Club for bringing the choir over.
Spectacular doesn't begin to describe them. Looking forward to the next time.

Name:Breda Leddy
Date Added:Saturday, April 5, 2014
SubjectWexford Concert 05/04/2014
Message:Hi,just to say that we enjoyed your performance immensely.We were disappointed that the opera house was not full but there was a fund raising concert at St.Iberius Church just across the road and the Wexford ladies choir were off up in Dublin so that was probably why the numbers were down.The singing was magnificent and the soprano was quite something else.The choir mistress was superb and did a fantastic job.The pianist and organ player were just great.I hope you enjoy your visit to Wexford Rugby club.See you next time.

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