First Choir Photo, 1935

The Choir (with Conductor Ivor E. Sims) outside Pentrepoeth School.

A meeting was held at the Parish Hall on Tuesday evening the 9th April 1935 with object of forming a new Male Choir in Morriston.

Chairman: Mr. Hubert Uren

It was proposed by Mr. Tom Elias and seconded by Mr. Pal Thomas that a choir be formed. The motion was carried unanimously.

The first Annual General Meeting held at Wesleyan School on Sunday the 19th May 1935.

Chairman: Mr. Hubert Uren.
A recommendation from committee was conveyed to the meeting by the chairman that the Choir should be named Morriston Orpheus Male Choir, and a resolution was carried the proposer being Mr. Pal Thomas and the seconder Mr Dan Hughes that the choir should be named Morriston Orpheus.