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Stuart Burrows

Stuart Burrows, the great Welsh tenor sings favourites in Welsh and English, recorded in the early 70s when his voice was at its glorious best, accompanied on the piano by John Constable.The entire recording offers a supreme object lesson in the art of singing.
Track Listing
  1. Paradwys y bardd
  2. Blodwen f'anwylyd
  3. The woods of Gortnamona
  4. Gweddi pechadur
  5. Sul y blodau
  6. Serenata
  7. Bugail Aberdyfi
  8. O na byddai'n haf O hyd
  9. Mary of Argyll
  10. Yr hen gerddor
  11. Mother of mine
  12. Y dieithryn
  13. Elen fwyn
  14. I hear you calling me
  15. Arafa don
  16. Danny boy
  17. Annabelle Lee
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