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The Great Berlin Band Show, an historic digital recording from 1980 featuring the Morriston Orpheus Choir with the thrilling sounds of Massed British Military Bands ~ Pipes and Drums ~ Corps of Drums ~ Trumpeters ~ Light Infantry Corunna Band, and Children’s choirs from east and west Berlin ~ Havel (British Forces) School Choir. Audio CD format from original LP
Track Listing
  1. MOC tracks:
  2. OPENING ~ I vow to thee my country
  3. ENGLAND ~ Land of hope and glory
  4. THE SEA ~ Rule Britannia
  5. IRELAND ~ Londonderry Air
  6. WALES ~ David of the white rock ~ Men of Harlech ~ All through the night ~ God bless the Prince of Wales.
  7. FINALE ~ Zadok the priest
  8. MARCH OFF ~ Auld lang syne
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