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Welsh Warriors

The Choir welcomes back the troops of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh from Operation TELIC 10 in Iraq. December 2007

Soldiers returning to Wales from Iraq were given a hero's welcome by the  Orpheus on the 11th December 2007 at the Millennium Stadium.  The Choir lent their vocal support to the soldiers during a service to mark their return from Basra.

The Orpheus was extremely proud to have been the only civilian organisation to take part in the ceremony that served as both the medals parade for 220 of the soldiers on return from battle but also as an act of remembrance for the 3 members of the regiment lost during the operation.

The Choir were joint in the music making by the Lucknow Band of the Prince of Wales' Division who added to the military precision whose bandmaster had the honour of conducting the Choir in the service hymns and in Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.

The event had been an emotional experience for all involved, all choristers talking afterwards agreeing that they were proud to have been invited to participate an such an occasion.



The Choir also performed an appropriate song only recently added to the repertoire known as "Comrades in Arms"

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