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Recordings from 1960s

Never Issued
1961 Song of the Spirits over the Waters (Schubert)

Qualiton Label
Recorded in the Mond Nickel Works
Ivor Sims (Conductor). Section of the BBC Welsh Orchestra
Producer John Edwards

Most unfortunately this record was never completed due to the combination of Ivor Sims' ill health and the delays caused by the chirping of a cricket during the recording. More details are given in the Archives section of the website. Here is a full 15 minute take from the recording session. The music begins after a few seconds. The mp3 file is courtesy of chorister Alun Howells.


1961 The Glory of Wales (EP 45rpm) 

(from the LP of the same name)
Columbia SEG 8204
Recorded  at Soar Chapel, Morriston
Eurfryn John (Conductor) ~ Jennie Sims (organist)



Side one
Llwyn on (Ash grove) ~ Laudamus

Side two
Llanfair (St Mary’s Church) ~ Deus Salutis


1962 The Glory of Wales
(LP 33 rpm format)

~new recording
EMI/Columbia SX 1416
Soar Chapel, Morriston

Eurfryn John (Conductor) ~ Jennie Sims (organ)

Side one
Myfanwy (Arabella) ~ Ar hyd y nos (All through the night) ~ Rhyfelgyrch gwyr Harlech (March of the men of Harlech) ~ Diniweidrwydd (Innocence) ~ Cyfri’r geifr (Counting the goats) ~ Llwyn On (The Ash Grove)

Side two
Laudamus ~ Y Delyn Aur (The Golden Harp) ~ Deus Salutis ~ Llanfair (St Mary’s Church) ~ O mor ber yn y man (In the sweet bye and bye)

From the sleeve notes: At the Forward Movement Hall in Morriston, the Orpheus Choir gave its first concert in 1935 on Saturday July 12 just three months after the idea of a new male choir was mooted. Nine weeks later the Orpheus took part in its first choral competition at nearby Port Talbot and won first prize after beating longer established choirs like Treorchy...the Choir suffered a severe blow in April 1961 when Ivor Sims, the founder conductor died and since that date the conductorship has been in the hands of Mr. Eurfryn John previously accompanist and deputy conductor. It was Eurfryn John who conducted Morriston Orpheus during the recording session for this record at Soar Chapel in Morriston.    Alun Morgan Pontypridd.

Read the full notes

This historic album is now available in MP3 format

1963 Songs from the Green Hills

~new recording 
EMI/Columbia 33SX 1576
Recorded at Tabernacle Chapel, Morriston
Eurfryn John (Conductor) ~ Jennie Sims (accompanist)
Producer ~ Norrie Paramor 

Side one
Soldier’s Chorus ~ Hebrew Slaves’ Chorus ~ Pilgrims’ Chorus (Wagner) ~ Goin’ home ~ Sound an alarm

Side two
O peaceful night ~ The lost love ~ Nidaros ~ Close thine eyes ~ Zut! Zut! Zut!

From the sleeve notes: In 1963 the Choir obtained a vacated chapel building as its permanent home and the decision to name it the Ivor E Sims Memorial Hall was unanimous. The hall will be used for all manner of cultural activities and its redecoration and partial rebuilding was carried our by craftsmen from within the ranks of the Choir itself... over the years the repertoire of the Choir has increased, fresh works have been rehearsed and performed. Traditional settings of Welsh hymns plus special arrangements of songs from the Principality have rubbed shoulders with operatic works and this present programme illustrates the breadth of the Choir's talents.  Alun Morgan.


1963 Stirring Choruses

Columbia mono EP  45rpm SEC 8313 ( from the LP Songs of the Green Hills)
Eurfryn John ( Conductor) ~ Jennie Sims (organist) 
Producer ~ Norrie Paramour


Hebrew Slaves ~ Soldiers Chorus ~ Pilgrims Chorus ~ Marching song:  Zut zut zut (Elgar)


1965 Triple Triumph

Qualiton ADR 5003
The Story of the Welsh Rugby Triple Crown Victory 1964-5 told in words and song
Morriston Orpheus Choir (Conductor Ivor Sims) ~ Treorchy Male Choir ~ United Churches Choir, Alltwen. Narrated by Alun Williams. Commentators G.V.Wynne-Jones, Sammy Walker, Robert Hudson and John Downie.


Intended as a tribute to the Welsh Rugby team: Terry Price, Stuart Watkins, John Dawes, John Uzzell, Dewi Bebb, Clive Rowlands, David Watkins, Denzil Williams, Norman Gale, Ron Waldron, Brian Price, Brian Thomas, Bill Morris, Keith Rowlands, Haydn Morgan, Alun Pask and Garry Prothero, that won the Triple Crown in 1964/65. It also aimed to give expresion to the twin loves of the Welshman, rugby football and choral singing.

Orpheus track: Cymru'n Un (directed by Ivor Sims - track first released on the Qualiton label in 1958)


1965 The Valley in Song

~new recording 
EMI/Columbia TP 719
16th, 17th & 18th February ~  recorded at Tabernacle Chapel, Morriston
Eurfryn John (Conductor) ~ Jennie Sims (accompanist) 



Reissued in 1969 under the Epic label LF18049





World Record Club  ST 4342, released in Australia 1965


Side one
Arglwydd da, nid wyf deilwng (Domine, non sum dignus, Victoria.) ~ Iesu O Nazareth (Jesus of Nazareth) (Baritone solo ~ Edward Plucknett)

Side two
Sanctaidd Ior (Holy Lord) ~ Matona, Fy Anwylyd (Matona, mia Cara) ~ Tydi a rhoddiast (Thou who gavest) ~ Cytgan y Pererinion (Pilgrims’ chorus) (Baritone solo ~ Edward Plucknett)

Gramophone Review August 1965: This record is chiefly valued for the two works by Parry which between them occupy about two-thirds of the disc. Both are presented in complete form and are first recordings as far as I know. Victoria's beautiful Domine is fitted with Welsh words and arranged by Williams. The choir is at its best in the original Welsh music, particularly the two extended works by Parry which are imbued with the rich romanticism that the music demands. The tone is rich and round, the discipline is very good and the recording is first class.


1967 A Man Alone / The Anvil Chorus

~a new recording
Columbia DB 8197 45rpm
Producer Bob Barratt







John Arthey (Musical Director) ~ Jennie Sims (Organist)
Side one: A Man Alone

Eurfyn John (Conductor) ~ Jennie Sims (Organist)
Side two: The Anvil Chorus 


Note 1: This record was made to celebrate Sir Francis Chichester's single-handed voyage sailing around the world. At the time it was headline news in the press and TV. It was a rush job, writes Alun Howells - member of the second bass section, Eurfyn John selected 8 choristers to travel to London to the EMI studios to record A Man Alone. (EMI did not want the whole Choir, but the record was released as being sung by the whole Choir and not a section)

Note 2: John Arthey was a rather typical product of the British pop music machine of the sixties. He was born in Merseyside and came up through the ranks, distinguishing himself first as an instrumentalist (he was a pianist for a military orchestra during his national service), then later conducting orchestras for the BBC. Soon he was arranging music for radio, television and pop records. He holds the particular distinction of scoring the strings added to records by such Jamaican artists as The Pioneers and Marcia Griffiths when they were released for the British market. He also masterminded the Reggae Strings and co-wrote the theme to the popular British children’s program, “The Double Deckers.” Like so many of his contemporaries, Arthey also recorded his share of production music records. Along the way, he released an intermittent string of instrumental recordings of popular titles. He was responsible for the music for the BBC radio series ‘Whistle Down the Wind’ 1965 and several others.

1967 With Heart and Voice

~new recording 
EMI/Columbia SX 6128
Recorded at Tabernacle Chapel, Morriston
Eurfryn John (Conductor) ~ Jennie Sims (organist)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt

Side one
Love could I only tell thee ~ Cavalry of the Steppes ~ The silver birch ~ Night ~ Lullaby

Side two
Lead, kindly light ~ Recognition of land (Baritone solo ~ Edward Plucknett) ~Great is Jehovah, the Lord (Soprano solo ~ Nancy Richards)


1968 We'll Keep a Welcome

~new recording 
Eurfryn John (Conductor) ~ Jennie Sims (organ)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt


Side one
The holy city ~ Cwm Rhondda ~ Hiraeth (Tenor solo ~ Ken Williams) ~ March of the men of Harlech ~ All through the night ~ Bless this house

Side two
Land of my fathers ~ Jerusalem (And did those feet in ancient times) ~ Ave Maria ~ Steal Away ~Myfanwy ~ We’ll keep a welcome (Tenor solo ~ Ken Williams)


Gramophone review April 1968: That the singing is very good goes without saying and the recording is excellent. I welcome it most for the Welsh numbers, Cwm Rhondda, Hiraeth and Myfanwy.


1969 God Bless The Prince of Wales

~new recording 
EMI/One-up OU 2236
Tabernacle Chapel, Morriston
Eurfryn John (Conductor) ~ Jennie Sims (organist)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt 

Side one
God Bless the Prince of Wales ~ Cymru’n un (Tenor solo ~ Alwyn Jones) ~ Gwahoddiad ~ O Isis and Osiris ~ The lost chord ~ One world

Side two
Comrades in arms ~ Arise O sun ~ Martyrs of the Arena ~ When evenings' twilight ~ Easter Hymn (Soprano solo ~ Nancy Richards)

Gramophone Review July 1969: The Morriston Orpheus Choir is in fine form, rich toned, clear and well disciplined. I do not care for the arrangement of Mozart's O Isis but this is my only serious criticism. Best of all I enjoyed the brisk and lively Cymru'n Un both for the choral singing and for Alwyn Jones's brief but pleasantly sung tenor solo, and the contrasting Gwahoddiad which follows. Nancy Richards's light and clear soprano, in an equally brief solo in Easter Hymn also contrasts admirably with the massed male voices. The organ accompaniments of Jennie Sims are sensitively done and recording is good.


1969 World of Wales in Song ~ Byd Cymru ar Gan

Decca label  SPA 42
Produced by Raymond Ware

Morriston Orpheus, Pendyrus and Treorchy Male Choirs, David Lloyd and Thomas L. Thomas




Orpheus tracks: Tydi a roddiast ~ We'll keep a welcome ~ Mae hen wlad ~ God bless the Prince of Wales


1969 A Heritage of Song

One Up / EMI Records OU 2100
Tabernacle Chapel, Morriston
Eurfryn John (Conductor) ~ Jennie Sims (Organist)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt










A compilation LP of previously issued songs

Side one
Martyrs of the arena (1969) ~ Goin' home (1963) ~ Silver birch (1967) ~ God bless the Prince of Wales (1969) ~ Brahms Lullaby (1967) ~ Comrades in arms (1969)

Side two
Sanctaidd Ior (1965) ~ Nidaros (1963) ~ O Isis and Osiris (1969) ~ Gwahoddiad (1969) ~ The Lord's Prayer (1967)


1969 Gymanfa Ganu

~new recording 
Recorded at Tabernacle Chapel, Morriston
In the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales


The Tabernacle Choir ~ Morriston Orpheus ~ New Siloh Choir ~ Swansea Male Choir ~ Dunvant Male Voice Choir ~ Morriston Ladies Choir ~ St David's Church Singers ~ Morriston Aelwyd
Alun John (Conductor) ~ Eurfryn John (organist)

Hymns introduced by David Parry-Jones
Benediction by the Mayor's Chaplain, the Rev'd Christmas Williams. The Prince was welcomed by the Minister, the Rev'd Dewi Eurig Davis


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