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Mansions of the Lord

Mansions of the Lord originally released in 2004, now available as MP3 files from Amazon. This album was the final one released under the baton of Dr Alwyn Humphreys, Musical Director.
Track Listing
  1. Unfold ye portals (from "The Redemption")
  2. Mansions of the Lord (from the film “We were soldiers”)
  3. Blaenwen (Calon Lan)
  4. If we only have love
  5. Adiemus
  6. Agnus Dei
  7. No arms can ever hold you
  8. Still wie die nacht
  9. Hyfrydol (Love divine)
  10. I’m goin’ up a yonder
  11. Nazareth (Dros bechadur)
  12. All the things you are
  13. Te Deum Laudamus
  14. There but for you go I (from “Brigadoon”)
  15. Myfanwy
  16. Speed your journey (The chorus of the Hebrew slaves from "Nabucco") ~ Llanfair
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